Friday, June 1, 2012


  So after a day off yesterday I go for a run and the stinkin' left Achilles is yelping! What!? How in the world could this be? I guess I'll just say it's an anomaly and hope that tomorrow there is no pain or burning. I just don't get it...I only have probably 10 pounds to lose before I am skin and bones so weight isn't a factor. I guess it's the hills...I do not want to go back to treadmill training! Today 4.1 miles...I will try to keep logging at least 20 a week and shoot for 160 pounds....that's all I know to do. Peace!

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Anne said...

Do you wear an orthodic? Many achilles troubles actually originate with flat feet, formed by years of running on hard surfaces, which stresses the tendon because it's out of balance.


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