Saturday, June 16, 2012

Summer stride

 Most of you know I absolutely love Summer! Maybe it's because I was born on June 22nd? Often a first full day of Summer. So today it IS Summer out here! Hot hot hot!
   I went for a 2 mile walk with Sandy then took of for a little speed play. Even though I am not training specifically for any event I think it wise to run faster occasionally.
   So one mile warm-up then a 4 X 1/4 mile with a 1/4 rest between...I was managing slightly faster than 10K even with the hills. I have realized a significant and obvious truth in regards to running.....the lighter you are the faster you go!
  I lost those 15 lbs over the Winter and it has made such a huge difference! I want to go lower!!! 3.4 miles today-25.1 this week....I am building but for what? Peace!


A Plain Observer said...

so a birthday coming up! Congratulatons. Run strong

lindsay said...

happy almost your bday! 15 lbs! that is incredible. i need to fight the bulge... i keep saying that, but not eating like i mean it.


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