Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Keepin' it real

  Yep, the heat is on and the hills aren't eroding....nor is my perseverance. My desire was 10 miles today but I only got 9 running...I did manage 2.34 walking with Sandy. It is very hot and the fire danger is extremely high. I think perseverance is a good attribute to is extremely important in my job! I am constantly dealing with difficult issues, challenging situations, and important decisions. Being human I make mistakes, being a Pastor I'm under a microscope....being a Runner I find great joy and liberty....I am sure grateful I could run today! Persevere!!! Peace!


DawnB said...

very hot today, not a day for pr's thats for sure Happy 4th to you

Meg said...

Yes, there is freedom in running but being a pastor? That is just one HUGE challenge. I hope things cool down for you!

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