Tuesday, July 10, 2012


We did recieve some rain....1/4 of an inch....this helped the Firefighters in the area. It's kinda eerie thinking an out of control fire was in your forest!
  I ran into several trucks full of workers coming down the logging road I run on, and I talked to a few of the folks. They reported 1.25 inches of rain fell on the fire zone thus ending the threat!!
  I enjoyed my time in the woods! 11.5 miles! Peace!


Johann said...

Glad about that rain. The fires have been terrible but I see you had some good runs. Keep it going!

Anne said...

Glad the threat's been reduced. We get a lot of wildfires around here and they are no fun, especially when they burn down your neighborhood as they did about 10 years ago where I live in San Diego.


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