Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Surge day 3

 What is your goal? Do you have a vision for your life? I believe with all my heart and soul each person is precious and valuable. Each one of us has the greatest potential and giftedness one could ask for; the problem is reaching it!
  It's been said that "without vision the people perish", without hope you flounder, without a cause you waver, without a reason you waste time and influence.

It's time to surge! I believe everyone can attain to their maximum potential. However, you cannot just sit there and expect someone to wave a magic wand, say presto, and life is a cake walk! You have to exert the two things that you are in control of.....

Your Attitude and your efforts! It's time for a personal surge for me so I will establish a discipined time table with structure in place to control these two components of the fruitful life.

First- I will daily choose an attitude of integrity- Vision #1- think on this for your first three work-outs in the surge- I will be honest in all my dealings, I will be sincere and authentic with all people regardless of their behavior. I will be an encourager and a positive voice in all my will not be phony!

Decide how you want to look physically- do you want a body that is attaining to it's potential or loaded down with excess bagage? Pick a target- decide in the depth of your soul you will make it...and start!

day one-30 minutes 4 brisk walking/26 conversation pace jogging
day two-31 minutes 4 brisk walking/27 conversation pace jogging
day three-32 minutes 4 brisk walking/28 conversation pace jogging

adjust according to fitness level-example- I did 2 minutes warm up and 28 minutes at 10 min per mile pace-

Vision is the key! Dream! Write your goal down!!!! Me 165 lbs! You?
Me-break 4 hrs in Marathon- you?

It's time to SURGE! Peace!

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Johann said...

Awesome post Mark, thanks! I certainly have visions and goals and dreams for myself. One big one is to write and publish at least one book. I'm busy with that one between work and life. With running I have some big goals for the next 5 to 7 years. All ultra and a bit extreme so my marathon time is not a priority at all. My best is 3:49 and I did that in 1997. Keeping my weight down is hard now that I am older. My goal there is 65kg (144lb). Thanks again for this reminder to get myself up and going!


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