Tuesday, September 25, 2012


  I have had a brief hiatus from blogging....it happens to the best of us....I've not stopped running by any means, however I have put back on 8 lbs!!!!
   It flat out stinks that the fat can attach itself so quickly!!! I have been very bad in my eating lately, too!
  I bought some new trail running shoes...per my sons suggestion, New Balance 1110 MT...really nice fit and I've enjoyed them greatly.
  I'm proud of my son, he has taken up running and is building towards a goal race next April. He's slimming down and getting stronger. Nothing like running!!!
  I started a new training program yesterday....another time to "surge". I will begin to incorporate treadmill with outdoor training, watching my diet (bleh) and staying laser beam focused! Goal: To lose 15 lbs (again) taking me to 165. Running a 25K February 16, 2013, and then running with my son in his race in April with a final marathon in April. I am going to do it this time! Sub four or bust!
  I hope to catch up with your blog! Thanks for remembering me:) Peace!

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lindsay said...

glad you are still doing well! well, minus the 8lbs. you will re-lose them - just keep working!


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