Saturday, September 29, 2012


  Surge-days 4 and 5 and 6- action must be taken! Saying and doing are entirely different beasts! Let your thinking move into action!
  Day 4 is another added efffort-33 minutes-pushing the pace after a good warm-up
  Day 5 is an easy, and I mean easy-you must be able to talk while jogging-no huffing and puffing. 35 minutes.
 Day 6- either a walk or a hard effort-what is your body saying to you today? 2 miles easy or a 5K simulation?
 Day 7-rest! Rest is an intregal part of any conditioning-whether physical or spiritual!

 There is the physical what about the attitude? Be a person of action! Take what you need to do! A chore, make a phone call, vacuum the carpet? Get with it! The vast majority of people live in the mediocrity of a status quo life!
Take action-have you written down three goals that you have? Do it! Get your mind on the goal and begin to act towards it...."as a man thinks so he is"
   Expect big results!!! Peace!

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