Friday, October 25, 2013

Almost 40!?

  No, not my age! 40 was a long time ago! I am so grateful to have lived as long as I have! No, I am about to knock on a 40 mile week! It's been a long time!
  I did a 16.6 miler Monday with 13X1 miles @ MP (9:05's)....then a 9.4 progression run Wednesday, an easy 10K yesterday-puts me at 32.2 miles with 2 runs left!
  I am encouraged with how the achilles are responding.
 Well I sent off the registration form with the I'm gonna race on the 23rd!
 I feel like I ought to be able to run within a time frame near my last 1/2-1:52+ I will go for it!
  Hope you all are well! Peace!

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