Saturday, July 5, 2014

Oddly faster?

   So my cut down week has finished. I may do a walk or yoga today, otherwise I rest. I put in 80 minutes of running yesterday. I was wanting to go to the track and enjoy some flats but time wouldn't permit so off to hill land!
  Usually as I go in 2K hill direction my pace coming back up slows and my overall pace time is toasted. However, yesterday, oddly enough I ran that hill strong! My turnover was fast and my legs were somewhat fresh. It was an encouraging result.
  Now off to next week and continued marathon build. I'll resume my 72 minutes 3X and 110 minutes 1X-with the option of Saturday as a cross train day. My goal in this next marathon is to be as skinny as possible and complete it with my head up! 
   I'm on a 4 day schedule but I suspect it will go to 5 as I build to max miles. Hope you are well!

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