Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The bad apple

  As I run on the roads I encounter a vast majority of kind and attentive drivers. I have no sidewalks here and only 2 roads...the one I live on and the state highway. So I run on these roads and do my best to stay out of peoples way.
  Most people will see me and slow down or give me a wide berth, yet there are the few that do neither. As a matter of fact there are some people who see you and don't give an inch...plus they will glare at you. This happened today. I feel sorry for people who live in a state of hate, or bitterness. Kindness breeds kindness, try it!
  I ran early today because it is Summer! Hot and humid. This run was a 7.5 on the difficulty meter....84 minutes, hills, heat....some good runs so far this week...doing good regarding the increase. Hope all is well with you!

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