Monday, July 21, 2014


    Time on feet is what I'm after on my long runs. If I were to rate the degree of difficulty of my runs from 1 as the easiest to 10 as the hardest, todays run would be an 8.0. I ran in the mid-noon heat, with hills, with a total of 134 minutes. The only way to make it more difficult would be to push the pace. Yet all I want right now is time on feet. I ate way too much over the weekend. The band traveled to Kansas to pay at the annual "Amelia Earhart festival" and we ate gas station buffet...oh I was bad!! Then a small town café. The beef stew went down good but it sure kept reminding me of it's residence in my stomach...yuck!
  Anyway, I'm on a build week now then cut down next week. Hope it's going well for you!

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