Friday, July 25, 2014

Track day...

   I really needed some relief from the hills so I went to the local track. Nice morning with overcast skies, cool south breeze and around 78 degrees....couldn't be better! I started with no expectations except to complete 90 minutes and finish the week strong.
  I noticed my pace settled in at right around 9's and I felt great. finally around mile 7 I began to quads began to get tired and my respiration rate increased. I hung in there and got the 90 minutes.
   I finished this week with 391 minutes on the road. Next week is a cut-down week. Time for the old body to rest then I increase some more! Race is still a long way off...November 2nd, which is 14 weeks away. I hope to shed this remaining fat! It is so hard to get off! Tenacious fat! Old fat! Fat that hasn't been bothered for years! Look comes the burn! Hope all is well with you!

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