Friday, August 1, 2014

Cutdown turns into rundown!

     Man I have been draggy...felt like a cold coming on...runny nose and headache. Toke a pill for sinus and have been pushing on through life. I debated as to whether run today or not. After doing an in home visit, and house cleaning, I felt like I could try a run. I was needing 60 minutes to fulfill this weeks goals plus some up tempo running...ugh...first 30 minutes were pretty rugged then I warmed up a bit and did 10X1 min with 1 min rest pick-ups. So I survived and am now feeling about the same. Seems like the cut down week turned into the "runned" down week.
  Tomorrow I'm playing all day at a Bluegrass festival...that'll be fun! Hope you are well!

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