Wednesday, August 6, 2014

For better or worse

   Running is such a joy. Getting in the "zone" is such a delight! Today the heat and humidity is way up...we are expecting heavy rain storms so the air is moist!
  I ran the same amount of time today but ran a bit farther. Even though I felt slower? I felt like I was in the zone a couple of times. I felt smooth and strong. I'm still slimming down. Today I'm nearing 173lbs so I'm closing in on my goal of getting under 170. Running these long time sessions in the heat will surely melt it off!
  Over time we runners form a deep bond with the act of running. It is our solace, escape, or even work-place. Running shapes us and changes is always there...

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Johann said...

Oh yes! Amen to that!


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