Monday, August 25, 2014

Hang tough!

  An old mantra I used today-"hang tough!" I got out the door by 7:50am when it was still nice and cool, but boy did the temps take off! We are setting records here with highs in the 100's.
   I have flipped now from running for time to run for distance. This is just part of my training program that I am developing for this race. I needed a 14 miler and at about 11 miles I had to start hanging tough because I was hot! I managed a route that brought me by the house so I could get water. The final 3 I carried a 20 bottle with me.
  I made it! Hung tough! It was so hot that when I'd cooled down and hit the shower the water temp, being cool, seemed too warm! My body was hot!
  So the plan is next week to try to run 15 miles on Monday. I may take tomorrow all depends on the body. Hope all is well with you!

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