Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Change of Vision

  For so long I pursued breaking the four hour barrier in the marathon....(9yrs). It is probably not going to happen. Surely in my younger days when I could run a 1:40 half I could of easily run a marathon under four hours but not now. As a matter of fact I think every day I lose a little speed as it is! So I reckon my new vision or goal is to run well. Each day or race I will run to the best of my ability, I will seek to stay healthy and fit. I will hope to help others along the way.
   With that sais it doesn't mean I have quit goal setting or pursuing challenging time goals.
  Today was a wonderful day! Overcast, breezy, and around 80 degrees. Quite humid, too! I managed my 8.1 miles as I finished soaking wet!
  Marathon day keeps getting closer! 53 days! Hope all is well with you!!

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