Monday, September 1, 2014

Fighting the meanness

      Sometimes I get worn out being treated with contempt or just plain old stupid drivers. With the advent of the texting driver it is now much more dangerous running on the side of the road! Today I was forced into the ditch several times because of inattention and rudeness. Oh well...we must be super cautious in this day and you don't know when one of these folks will blow up and shoot at you! So I just jump into the ditch!
   I did manage the 15 miler today. Surprisingly I did not have to walk at all! I even ran pretty good for the entire distance! We have received much rain and temps have cooled considerably. I am pumped to be right on track regarding my training schedule. This week will be especially challenging as I am officiating two funerals this week. Both funerals are people that were friends and faithful members of our Church. I find that these services always leave me drained....
    Hope all is well with you! 

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