Friday, October 3, 2014

30 days-who's counting?

   I am really excited about the prospect of running marathon number 7. My first marathon was 11 years ago. I don't run a lot of them as you can see but I have many hobbies and life activities so it's difficult to keep the balance and motivation to run one of these things!
  I hold no aspirations in regards to breaking the 4 hour barrier....I am just too old. I am sure I could of easily achieved this in my younger days but marathons were far away, and few in between. However, I expect to run well!
  I was encouraged today by my performance. The Fall temps have allowed my body to find relief and strength...this is why I love Summer makes you strong in the Fall! I actually ran 2 of my 8.2 miles today at 8 min/per mile pace! I haven't run that strong in years! What's up with that? I did the 8.2 miles in 1:12.16! That's really fast for me!
  Well tomorrow I perform my wonderful, beautiful Nieces' wedding. I hear there will be three kinds of cake!? Oh and it's going to be catered by the best caterer around....I will be putting on weight tomorrow!
  Hope all is well with you....oh, 20 miler on tap for Monday!

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