Saturday, October 4, 2014

Adjusment-"Long Run"

  So, I have been thinking about my training program and where I am physically and mentally. I am in a real good place. However, with 29 days to go I feel that I need to adjust my long run plan. I have been running a long run every week for the past four weeks and the residual fatigue is I am thinking this Monday I will run for three hours. I will still achieve a "long run". Since I logged 167.9 miles in September, that's crazy for me! I have the miles, now I need to simulate the race day for the next 16 days before the taper starts.
  So it's back to time on feet with striving for MP on the long run. I may still incorporate walk segments, like a 9min run 1 min walk ration. Excited to see how it works....if it does I will save this program and type it out on here for future use-
  Input is appreciated!~Hope all is well with you!

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peter said...

Keep at it--I didn't break 4 hours till my 13th marathon. I thoght it would never happen (my PR was 4:16) but one magical weekend, the first Disneyworld Goofy challenge, I broke the 1:50 barrier in the half on Sat. & the 4-hour barrier on Sunday. I was 53.


     Oh my! The weather is spectacular! I managed another 30 minute run. So 5 short runs this week. Just kind of maintaining! Hope you are ...