Monday, October 6, 2014

A different mind-set-

  So today is my long run day in the Marathon training plan. I decided to only run 3 hours and no more. So I started out and my goal was to get to at least 16 miles. The weather is absolutely perfect! 70's, breezy, and I'm totally ready, hydrated and plenty of carbs in the system. I started slow and at about 3 miles simply began making it a sort of progression run. Pushing the effort and holding on....of course I had to navigate all the hills, too....this simply will have to make me a beast on the flats?!
  I finished the run with 17.42 miles averaging 10:20's. I'm really pumped about this result! I really haven't run this well in a long time. The only problem I am experiencing is my feet get sore and tired. I expect it's all the uphills and down hills....
  I feel really well, trying to rehydrate, otherwise pretty excited about the run today. I simply kept in my mind 3 hours and no more-keep pushing just three hours, two hours, one hour-etc. Hope all is well with you!

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