Wednesday, October 8, 2014

You never know!!

  Today as I was out on my run a neighbor hollered asking how it was going and if I was training for something. I said yes and he replied he and his wife were going to run  Chicago this weekend! Who knew...I've never seen them out on the roads? Looks like I made a new friend today....goes to show you never know!
   I decided to push the envelope today. On the heels of the hard effort Monday I would run 10 miles based on how I feel. I felt good! Averaged 10:15's on the sweet rolling hills of Ozark. The temps fairly mild, low 70's with a strong southern breeze.
  My feet and heels are somewhat sore and fatigued. Otherwise I'm feeling good. So tomorrow is the short distance day! Hooray! I get to ease off a little.
  Hope it is going well for you!

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Johann said...

I see some regulars on my runs but I'm sure there must be some runners living close to me somewhere.

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