Thursday, October 9, 2014


    Training blahs today. I am not over trained. probably very close though! I only have 6 runs left before I taper! I am in the "sharpening" phase right now. My pace and tempo are good and seem to be increasing. I am as skinny as I've been in probably 3-4 years. Yet today I had to make myself go out the door. Thankfully it was only a 5 miler! Seemed like a breeze! I am really believing, if I'm smart, I can run a quality marathon. What's that mean? Perhaps a negative split, no cramping issues, no bonking. It truly is a matter of not starting too fast. I expect to be really pumped up with energy. The 13 day taper will enable my body to be ready and I expect to be as ready as I've ever been for a marathon. I already have 5 long runs in the bank (16 miles or more) and have two more to go! Well heavy rains have moved in the area, I may be treadmilling tomorrow. Hope all is well with you!


Jill said...

Checking up on you ... been awhile. What marathon are you training for?

Always tough those last couple weeks leading to the taper. But you'll be stronger for it and relish the crap out of that taper :). Stay strong!

Mark said...

Hey Jill!! So good to hear from you. I'm running a local marathon hosted by Bass Pro Shops in Springfield Mo. Nov 2.
Hope you are doing well!


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