Friday, October 17, 2014

Another slow draggy day

  I guess the 10 miler really sucked me dry....yesterday and today I have been tired. I ran slow but not terribly slow. I would have preferred to have been running MP but a run is a run. I made it and I have reached the end of my sharpening phase and now I enter into the taper phase. The taper phase will be two weeks. The first week will be a 50% cut in miles with all runs trying to reach at or faster than MP.
  The second week will be another 50% cut with same intensity. I not overeat and I will stay well hydrated. My only goal is to not set a PW (personal worst) but to run a smart and strong race. It's been a while since my last marathon-Spring of 2012 in which I ran a 4:30. I toasted terribly at 17 miles. This will be marathon #7.
   Hope you are well!

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