Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Holy 10 miler Batman!

   Well the temps are flat out perfect for running!! 60ish with a strong NW breeze. Absolutely marvelous! I practiced carbo loading Monday night and Tuesday. I also put away tons of fluids. I felt a little bloated and I weighed in heavier. Today I just went out easy hoping to get 10 easy recovery miles in and after the first 3 miles I just began running well. I felt so strong and fueled!? Even though my quads are fatigued from the residual miles I still ran a fantastic 10 miler! 1:36.20. I am really proud of that time considering the toll the hills take. I actually found myself resting going up hills!! Have you ever heard of such a thing! I could use some input...the Marathon is in 19 days. I plan on finishing this week with around 41 miles logged. I was planning on doing another 3 hour run on Monday but perhaps that would not be wise considering from that point the marathon is in 13 days. Should I begin the taper Monday?  Would it be wise to not run the 17-18 miles on Monday and simply begin the cut down?
  Hope all is well with you!

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