Wednesday, October 1, 2014

"Is that all he does?"

   I wonder if my neighbors think all I do is run? I see the same people nearly everyday. The blonde lady in the BMW, the Drs. Wife in the mini-van, the Fire Chief in his red truck (seriously!), and Maureen, my closest neighbor walking her dog.
  Seems lately I have been running a bunch. Yesterday I was very tired. I slept poorly the night right after my long run....I wonder why this is?
  So Tuesday was rough. I had a lot to do and needed energy to do it...I managed a 30 minute nap, that helped immeasurably!!
  I slept better last night and thankfully wasn't dragging so much today. Ah the wonderful warmth outside today! 86 degrees! Only problem...this is the last day of warm temps for a while. I wanted to run at least 8 miles and did manage 8.4. A Oddly at 7 miles I felt my quads get real heavy. They were toasted! I slogged on in and feel good that I was able to run! Hope all is well with you!

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