Saturday, August 27, 2016

All Downhill from here...

     As you may gather from reading this blog, I live in the hills! The Ozark Mountains to be exact. Everywhere you turn out here is a hill, rise, or some elevation change. Oh how I miss the flats!
  I even suffered terribly from Achilles tendonitis after moving here and still have persistent bouts with it and plantar fasciitis.
   I have learned to do supplemental exercises and learned that they do work! So I completed my plan for this week with an easy 4 miler today-tried to put some steady pace work in....barely succeeded....finished week with 36 miles logged!
  Now the plan is to do a cut down week-27 miles- and put more pace work in during cut down week and the (mini) taper the week after. I will still do a 13 miler next week regardless.
  Hope all is well with you! Peace!

1 comment:

lindsay said...

Yes but then you'd have to move to Florida where it is ALWAYS hot and humid! Hills are good for the soul? :) Glad to see you're still getting out there!


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