Monday, August 22, 2016

An August to remember

    By all appearances we will be having an early Fall. The temps have been quite mild and rain has been regular and plentiful. The nut trees are full of produce and already dropping. The Squirrels are frantic in gathering and storing for the Winter.
   The signs all point to an early Winter, too. I sure enjoyed my 12 miler today. The temps are in the low 70's and humidity is moderate. I even waited until 11am to hit the roads today! Unheard of in August!
   This 12 miler was a good run as  I continue to do a 4 min run one min walk ratio. I averaged 11:51's and that is on an extremely hilly course. I am pleased. My last mile was actually the fastest, and I had to force myself to take the walk segments. I have found that these walk segments are very beneficial for us older runners. However, I do plan on weaning myself from the walk segments in shorter runs. Hope all is well with you! Peace!

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