Monday, November 28, 2016

Day 34-up a notch!

     So I managed to keep training thru the holiday. Last week -13-10-9-5 milers with the longer run an LSD run, the mid runs medium tempo and the 5 miler classified as speed work.
  Surprisingly I had to hook the belt up a notch today, too! Woo hoo! Finally some girth loss!
 So this week is supposed to be a cut-down week....but I want to continue the longer run every week so I logged a 14 miler today averaging 11:20's. Strictly a fat burning run!
  I will cut down 25% so I only need around 14 more miles this whole week!
 I also registered for the race so I am definitely going to race...unless of course something happens...
    I really want to race as well as I can and so far so good! Hope all is well for you! Peace!

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