Friday, December 23, 2016

Wet cold recovering

    The weather is not conducive for an enjoyable run. If it were 80 degrees I might enjoy the drizzle but it's cold! So I hit the treadmill and knocked off a mid-distance pace run-60% of normal was 4.8 miles. This distance seemed so short! I managed to relax into 6.5 mph pace and loved being done so quick! I have been hungry, and I can tell my body is positively responding to the cut down.
   Most the soreness in the legs, hips is gone. I feel good! I hope I can manage the taper where I continue to feel the body strengthening but don't get stale. It's a tough balance.
   Tomorrow is speed work and I only have 3.6 miles slated! That will be over before I know it....
 Hope you are warm and dry! Peace!

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