Wednesday, June 28, 2017


    Yesterday as I was going about town, running errands, going to hospital for a visit, I noticed something.....the great number of people that have mobility problems!! People even younger than me using canes, limping, hobbling, talking about foot, hip, and ankle issues. Sad!
   I am a huge proponent of running! Get up! Get out the door! Start working your body instead of your mandibles! Sad!
   I hold out hope that I will always be able to run in some way, shape, or form, and that I will die while I'm running! Now that's not morbid,  we all gotta' go sometime, I'd prefer suddenly!
   So a beautiful day today! I actually saw two wholly worms crossing the road today. They aren't due until fall!? Hmmmm is something up?
   A 6 miler with even a sub 10 mile #4!! I was fast today! Even though my quads are sore I was able to run a decent pace. Hope you are well....and moving! Peace!!

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