Friday, June 16, 2017

Down a pound!

   Wow! How losing one pound can lift the spirits!! I'm at 178lbs right now and I expect to get even slimmer at this rate! I must stay healthy so I can achieve my dream of hitting 170!
   I know that one pound may not seem like much but it does make a difference! Motivational and physical. My running pace is slowly increasing as I slowly decrease in girth!
   I ran 6.4 miles today at conversational pace and noted my legs and hips are a little fatigued. One more effort this week, speed, and then race week. I will treat next week as a cut down week with an all out effort on the 24th in the 5K.
  I really have no expectations because it's been so long since I ran a 5K! I believe I should be able to run the race predictor time (based off of recent HM) of 27:23. So that's my goal.
  Hope you are well! We are starting to feel the Summer heat here! Peace!

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