Saturday, June 24, 2017

Duck Waddle 5K Race Report

    Everything went off perfect! Arrival, warm-up, even my expected race pace-8:51's. My Garmin put the course short-3.01 miles. I had a 26:40 as I crossed the finish line.
  I managed myself well...too well. I forgot what a 5K was like, how it is supposed to be run. I held too much back and ultimately I am slightly disappointed in myself. I did not really race. I wasn't willing to risk myself in an all out effort.
  I was reminded of this as I watched the leaders busting their guts and the newbies (numbers on backs) pushing into uncharted territory. I knew I was sandbagging and I rationalized my unwillingness to go to the max.....I could have....
   So...? What next? Perhaps it would be fun to challenge myself to race a 5K again. I was reminded of the days when I did race them as I watched others finish well.
   I finished with way too much left in the tank...never again!
       Hope you are well! Peace!

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