Saturday, July 1, 2017

Happy day off...?

            Rarely do small church (125 in avg attendance) Pastors get a day off. We actually have to force ourselves to vacate. To put down the phone! Yet it is a calling and it is very rewarding.
  The main problem with Pastoring is the horrific lack of commitment we see today in "Christians."
 I guess because I am a Runner and I understand the value of commitment and training it bothers me to see flippancy towards the faith.
   People in this age are driven by the self....even as a Runner this is prevalent. Recently a dear friend and mentor of mine passed away. He told me to "Keep on keeping on!"
   Perseverance is a trademark of a real Runner and a real believer. Today I persevered! 4.7 miles in the wonderful hills of the Ozarks. I wondered today if there would be a day I could no longer cruise these hills? Sadly the answer is yes...but not today! Hope you are well! Peace!

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