Monday, February 12, 2018

Ice, ice baby!!

     If you know me you know I love Summertime!! This Winter we are in is brutal this year!
  Ice storms, below zero temps, non runner friendly weather in my opinion.
    When I was a young buck I'd always, no matter what, run outside! The wind? Ha! I will defeat you! Not so now! I like the calm environ of my garage on the treadmill. (almost worn out)
   So I am currently in week three of rebuild with a race in mind. April the 7th, HM, a good cause.
  BTW, I got on a kick....started doing planks. Push up style and forearm style. This is my third week and I am seeing strength increasing already.
  I'm still a young buck at heart! Hope you are well! peace!

1 comment:

jel said...

I hear ya about the weather this year, esp. this weekend ice, we were lucky
that the lights don't go out.

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