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Keep your flats close and your hills closer????

  Make hills your friend is my new mantra! I went out and chugged every hill today and then down the easement next to the's now up to .22 miles, 150ft elevation gain. I did one of those to top off my workout today. I need to post some pics so you can get an idea of this hill. I'm hoping to get back to base so I can get me some marathon! I'm going to employ my newest motivational theory...I'll try anything to stay least I haven't added weight! Hope you are well! Peace! 47 min of rolling hills....

Just a wee bit more!!

  So I have been remaining active! I have been running less but walking much more. I do plan on increasing running miles significantly, though! Today we finally sustained a got down to 29 degrees but the day is really beautiful! I am a big time believer in hill work, especially in the beginning of a new phase. So I added just a "wee" bit of distance and one extra repeat to my workout today. The total elevation gain over the 2/10ths repeat is now 130+ feet or 13 stories! This is a steep little booger! I did 7 reps at an easy effort, I will gradually build the degree of difficulty.
  I was thinking about training as I ran up this sweet little trail, how we bust our tails in extended training programs and often fall short of our goals. I began asking questions...." a prudent question is one half of wisdom" Sir Frances Bacon, why does a marathon schedule need to be so long? Why do I feel relegated to adhere to traditional training regimes? Would a person be…

I am trying!!!

  Today I finally got back out and managed a run....I did the hill workout again. 6 X .2. I was really sore after last weeks run and I noticed an increase in stamina and strength today during the run. I got the treadmill delivered and put together, (talk about a chore) So I've no excuses!! Hope all is well with you! Peace!

Back to Building

  So I am truly blessed! Right out my door I have a .2 mile lane that has a 150ft elevation gain....great for hill training! The fall weather has been perfect, the leaves beautiful, the sun shining, the wind gentle. I did 6 x .2 and completed a total of 30 minutes. I felt really great, I hope to be able to keep a level of consistency and race a solid 10K soon.
  We decided to buy a new treadmill. With Winter coming on it is nice to be able to stay out of the  elements when you don't feel like facing the wind.
  Sorry I've been out of the know life has its ups and downs....again I hope to keep up some consistency. That's one of the great things about life! Everyday is a new day!!! Peace!


 So back to the drawing board. I am going to start hill repeats again and begin a new training program. I was unsuccessful in my 5K attempt to break 24...not even close....I will go ahead and train for a 10K and mix some 5K runs in as I go along. I will use an abbreviated schedule. I've come to learn that long training phases bring burn out so I am looking at no more than 12 weeks then prob a three week rest like I did this last training cycle. Today I felt really strong and ready to begin another cycle. The goal is to break 50 in the 10K.
 2xlong hill(.4). Peace!

Fat Burn!!

 If you've been a runner for any length of time you must of experienced "fat burn". That burning, itching feeling around the waist or thighs....usually experienced after a long layoff....I didn't have it today!
  A nice run in the wonderful fall air, couldn't be better! 30 minutes, hope to get back on track. Thanks for your kind comments regarding my current all are the best! Peace!