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   Can't complain! I'm still alive but man it's cold outside! I managed 6 miles today in 56:30...4 miles at or under MP (9:09's). I am at least getting three workouts in a week....not enough but all quality, hills, pace, and speed.  I have been super busy....nearly overwhelmed with work, stuff, holidays, you know how all that begins to gnaw away your motivation and miles. I hope you all had a great weekend and your miles are good! Peace! Oh, btw...I have been keeping up with you but have failed to comment, sorry, I'm just barely treading water here!!!!


So yesterday I was able to minimize my amount of caloric intake until dessert!! Mom-in-law makes the best apple pie!!! Oh, and pumpkin, too!
  Fortunately I was able to run 5.5 miles with  3.5 at MP. Feeling good! Hoping to go to track tomorrow and run some flat repeats! Have a great day!! Peace! Oh,'s cold down here!!!!

Still Hilling

  I actually did increase miles last week...I have been remiss in posting all my is happening at the speed of light!!! Seems like Fall is unfortunately taking hold down's brisk outside! I have broken "my hill" into three parts so I can adjust workouts. Short hill is 1/10th, medium hill is .17 tenths, long hill is .25 miles. Today I did 10 x medium hill. A 45 minute workout with moderate exertion. I am feeling better and stronger. The plan is to run a 5.5 miler Thurs......Turkey day! Have a great day!!! Peace!

What won't kill you will at least hurt you!

  My love for "my hill" seems to be costing me! I have been hurtin in my hammies and lower back and I am sure it's related to the hill. After my little thirty minute run today I stretched out and I am feeling a little better. The heart and lungs are strong but the hammies and back are sore!! I will keep working through it and keep building. I want to run Little Rock! 3.05 miles in 30 minutes...first mile a 10:30 warmer....the next two easy but faster than norm! Peace!

Cold Rain

  The treadmill came in handy today! I needed a hard effort and since the weather was bad I jumped on the treadmill. I had a good warm up and did three miles under 9min/per mile. Finally got in the groove but it took a while? Total of 5 miles in 50 minutes. The hammies are unusually funky? I never have hamstring issues? I wonder if it's the hill work that is causing them to feel funky...tight, worries! I stretched them and feel okay. My old lap-top has finally died! I am typing on my new one and it's sweet! Hope you are well!

46 minutes of hill

  Well I had every intention of running a race Saturday buddy called and wanted me to go GOLFING!!! I succumbed to the invite!!
  Today it's a decent fall day....50ish, cloudy, and a slight south breeze. I hit the hill and managed to add one rep today! So I did a 6 x .25 hills. I actually felt real good...even on the last one, so I'm encouraged! Tomorrow will be a rest day and Wednesday an increase in the PR up to, possibly 5 miles.
   Well it's Deer season down here in the Ozarks....keep your head down and eyes open....lots of people with guns out there, and they want to shoot something! Peace!


So today, even though the weather is wonderful I stuck with my program and did an easy treadmill run. I say easy...seemed like a killer? Managed 45 minutes and 4.3 miles. These runs are for fat burning and conditioning. I may be ramping up too fast....I've a bunch of motivation right now? Did some good stretching and strengthening exercises afterwards. Feeling good!
  My Sweetheart is going to a Ladies Conference tonight and tomorrow so I've a bunch of time solo....I am really debating about racing tomorrow? It would serve as a good speed work session? I have put in a good week and had some hard workouts already? Can't decide? I am planning on a track workout.....maybe I will race? Just 5K?! Oh, decisions! Hope you are well! Peace!

I am a risk

So where is Fall?! It's nearly 70 degrees outside today!!! I love the heat! Today is a PR (pace run) of four miles total. I increased a mile today. I do a mile warm and cool...these are essential components of the "Spring Theory" training system. The cool down mile is very important because the body is working and recovering at the same time, the warm-up mile used to be non-existent when I was younger but now, it too, is essential. I call it making the flip. So the idea is to run MP for consecutive miles, increasing each week. The problem I am having is running too fast! Today I had an 8:21, 8:33, these are faster than my MP goal which is 9's. For some reason my body likes this 8:30ish pace but it is not sustainable.
  I noted some residual soreness from my "40 min of Hill" and I suspect the hills are making me stronger thus the 8:30 pace...
   The key is not to get injured as I try to ramp up miles. It will be a slight risk and goes against traditional tra…

40 minutes of hill

 Mizzou Tiger Bball has a slogan "40 minutes of hell" adopted from the University of Arkansas. Our coach came from I had 40 minutes of hill h#ll!
  I did 5 reps of the .25 mile hill and man oh man did I feel it! I figured it is a 14% gradient! 40 minutes of HILL!! Peace!

My Hill

   This is the 1/4 mile uphill with about 215 feet of elevation'll work you!


  Yes, I love Summer....but today is simply a spectacular day!! The colors are amazing! The bluest skies, whitest clouds, the forest ablaze with  a variety of reds, yellows, and it's good to be alive!
  So, in regards to running, I have 16 weeks until Little Rock....I mentioned it to Sandy last night....she didn't respond? Since she's always supported my running I will take that as a yes you can, honey!
  Today I did what I will call a PR run...not personal record but Pace Run....I will warm up and cool down with one mile and run at MP in between. Today I started with one mile so I did three miles in 28:38, with my pace mile at an 8:36. That is a little too fast but it felt good! I plan on extending the distance by one mile per week thus making it my long run, too.
  So I have HR's-hill runs, which I will do every week and increase to as much as I can take!
                  PR runs- MP with distance-
                  SR- Speed runs- I will go to the trac…

All Talk?

  "Unless someone acts nothing happens"  a great quote and truth, too. I acted today! 4 x .25 hills. I have extended the length of the hill nearly to the flattens out some but there is still room for expanding at the bottom. I hope to eventually run the entire hill. Garmin said it's a 215 foot elevation gain. Man I was feeling it!!! My quads and lungs were burning!! My miles are low but I plan on "acting more" beginning next week with a plan of four running days. I am excited about the training plan I have put together and believe it will serve to help me run a respectable marathon.......I am using what I call the "spring theory" and it consists of at least three hard efforts per week, with one to two additional runs. I must get back to the base this month for me to be ready for Little Rock....I haven't told Sandy about my plan to run that marathon....hope she's receptive??!!Peace!

And a little bit more.....

  I went golfing yesterday, carried the bag for eighteen....I was putting lights out but the tee shot remains errant. Oh, btw, I'm on vacation!!!
   Today is not conducive for golf so I'm reading and running! I am trying with all my strength to persuade myself to commitment! If I can get back to base this month I can try my "spring theory" out on the Little Rock marathon March 6th. I have time!!!
  So cool, rainy, windy, I finally made it out to the easement. I added just a bit more and did 5 reps of .226 tenths up, approx 150 ft elevation gain. Let me tell you I was sucking air from the git-go!!! Brisk walk/jog back down....
  The tremendous benefit of hill work is that it works the entire system at once! It's like going to the weight
room and working all body parts in one day.
  So 34 minutes of hard training and now I must go vote!! Peace!