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Like a Lion!

March held true to reputation. It came in like a lamb, I guess-that was 30 days ago, and today out like a lion! Super windy! I followed the weeks schedule and did the striders today. I did 6X100m, I estimated the 100m by foot-strikes. I'd count every right foot strike up to 50. So the D was most likely more than 100m. I ran these all out and kept good form the whole time. I don't have a clue how fast I was going. Over all I'm recovering well from the race and beginning to work on the psyche part of the upcoming marathon. I was practicing the survival shuffle a little today! Did you ever have to use it?On another note, get this, I have actually gained weight during this training program! How? I don't know but I'm up three pounds. Thanks to Coaches blog I've gotten some good ideas about diet and nutrition so I'm implementing them beginning yesterday! Me thinks I'm a big eater!Have a great day tomorrow! Try to fool someone!

Taper Phase-Week one

Official time for Frisco HM was 1:55:53- One additional note to the race. The person that finished in front of me was "OMRR Hall of Famer" Gerald Glass. He is a premier runner and has several state records. He was the only finisher Saturday that was 70 or older! He truly is an amazing runner and person. he fought a courageous battle with prostate cancer and apparently won! I trailed him from mile eight to the finish by about 20-30 feet. He is a machine! His running economy is perfect.
Well, I have mapped out my three week taper. Today was an easy recovery run of 4.1 miles. Just loosening the body and letting it recover a little from the race. All in all I feel pretty good. Just spent. Sundays have a lot to do with that, though.
Have you ever heard of the theory of the "Collapse point"? Take your average daily mileage and multiply it by three and this will be how far you can race hard before you hit the wall. Mine is 16.47 miles. If this holds true I'm in deep…

Frisco HM race report

Well I did it....the elements were awful but the turn out was great. Probably 40 degrees, a strong, gusty Northeast wind, and, yes, the torrential downpour! The rain was cold!! Puddles every where!
I got in 1.6 miles before the race for warm-up,using a good parka for protection, then I joined the other runners inside. Finally it was time to go to the start and it was tough to go out in that rain!
Horn went off and we went splashing. This was an out and back course and we started into the wind. 8:33 first mile. I was good with it. I stayed with a guy for the next two miles and I miss read my watch at mile two I thought it said 8:16 so I thought I was too fast. Turns out it was 9:16! Too slow! Mile three came and it was an 8:40. Right where I was wanting to be. I could hear a group catching me and they finally did at four miles-9:14-I saw a 35:45 on my watch and said to myself this is too slow! So I tucked in behind this group of three runners.
Mile five 8:49, mile six 9:09, here th…

Crazy Weather

Well we are going to remain very soggy here in Missouri. Rain, rain, and more rain, then snow tonight and tomorrow. It will make the race tomorrow very interesting and perhaps a little more difficult to get motivated, but I'm still going to race because of the need for the last long run.
My body seems to be recovering well. Aches and pains seem to be healing even though this is a high mileage week, for me.
I ran 4.4 yesterday putting me at 26.5 for the week. Rest today.
We will be moving! After 10 1/2 years in this house we are moving 25 miles south, closer to the church. April 24th is the closing. Lots to do, thankfully we will move the week after the Marathon.
Wedding tomorrow.
Tomorrow's goal is to break 1:55 in the half. I will push to get at or below 1:52.
Stayed up late watching Mizzou win!! On to the Elite eight!!!
If you're racing tomorrow best of luck and hope you have good weather!

Half Marathons past

Etonic running shoes! The race was in November 1986. Super hilly, called the "Maynard Cohick Half Marathon" Still going strong now sponsored by Bass Pro Shops. It was intentionally run on a very hilly course because Maynard Cohick was a mountain climber/ runner, who died while climbing a peak in Tibet.
I did this one in 1:42.54.81. @31 yrs old. 62/142 overall 18/37 age. Note my age group was 26% of the field! Still seems to be that way now. Sure are a lot of old fogies out running?
It's been a long while since I've raced a half. The course Saturday is flat, on crushed gravel? Out and back. The forecast continues to worsen. Now they say possible snow accumulation and temps no higher than 35 degrees. I still plan on running regardless. I need the final long run and a dose of confidence. The marathon is intimidating.
I still have a run today so I'll post again most likely.

Picture Perfect

Today was a picture perfect day for running! 53 degrees, sweet sunshine and a light breeze, it couldn't be better! The body responded to this weather, too. It took two miles to warm-up, as usual for me, and then I was able to run a 9:22 third mile and the next 5.3 miles in 46:18 which is 8:44's. So 8.3 miles in 1:16:24. My legs, although perennially tired, felt strong, is that a confusing thought? I'm encouraged by the effort.
Saturday is looking to be nasty weather-wise. They are calling for a low of 38 degrees and a high of 44 with wet snow and heavy rains. Will I still race? You betcha! I've been aiming for this race for months and it is an important tune up race for the marathon. Regardless of conditions I still need the long run.
Some notes:
Only four long runs in this training cycle. two twenty's, one 18 miler, and the 17 miles this Saturday. Will that be enough?
I have decided on how I will start the marathon. The first two miles will be my warm-up m…


Today was the shortest run I've had in months! 3.4 miles. After a good warm-up I began the striders I had planned. I set them up for one every 1:15 for a 45 second duration. Did ten of em. Lots of looking at the watch. It felt like old times because I believe I was up around 7mpm pace at times.
Will these do any good for a marathon? Maybe, maybe not, (your experience?)but it sure was a nice way to change up the training!
The remainder of the final week before taper looks like this:
8-easy Wednesday
5-easy-Thursday-maybe a spurt or two at MP.
Friday-off-spending day with Sweetheart, yard and house work, Oh boy!
Saturday-Half-Marathon+(hoping 17 miles total)
Week projected mileage= 43.8

I need to get a time goal in my head for the race so I'll post that later when I get it....

It has turned off very cool down here after a series of powerful storms. I think the weekend racing weather is looking very nice! Hope your training is going well and good luck …

Spring for sure!!

Remember the phrase "for sure"? We used to use that way back in the day! Well today I say it is Spring "for sure, man!" As I winged my way over the "Battlefield Hills" loop I hit the country side of the run and what did I see?.... a huge black snake slithering across the path! He was big! That is sure sign Spring is here! Then I came across another beautiful site. A Red-tailed Hawk soaring the currents scanning the ground for lunch. What a magnificent creature! To add to that as I came back to the black top there was a common sight in the Ozarks, road kill. Old Mr. Opossum wasn't playin'. Nope, he was dead. They are very abundant in these parts and are unfortunately slow when it comes to getting out of the way. I decided on the 10.4 mile hill run and finished satisfied with a 1:39.58, or 9:36's. Not my fastest but not too slow either. Mile four to five was in 8:38 so I ran well. The six big hills are in the last two mile stretch so this is an …

Momentous Occasion

Last night was a momentous occasion. My Sweetheart spotted my first gray hair!! O well..such is life. Gray hairs are a sign of great wisdom, or stress, or both. Or just flat out aging! Anyway, I won't let it be a downer I'm young at heart.
Today the rains have come. Since the streets are flooded and I'm very sore from yesterdays effort I decided on the treadmill. 6.3 miles in an hour at 1 degree incline. I felt great regardless of the gray hair(s) (I'm sure there are more to come).
I totaled 40 miles this week. As I was tread milling I was thinking about this next weeks training plan and my race strategy for the marathon. My goal is to break the four hour barrier.
Next week I will run 10 on Monday, 3 on Tuesday with some strider's, 8 on Wednesday, 5 on Thursday, rest Friday, Half Marathon race Saturday. This race WILL BE an all out race effort, bookended by two miles making it a long run.
It will be a motivator. The marathon requires a cause. A motivator.
The …


I think I have a love hate relationship with track day? The love part is getting the workout done and having the satisfaction of a job well done, the hate part is when you are in the seventh repeat and you want to quit! You're wondering. "why am I doing this?" Anyway, I do enjoy track day besides the suffering part.
Instead of 1600's I decided on what I'll call "modified Yassos." I did 10 x 800 meters with a 400 rest interval. The 400 was jogging and the 800's were at or near 5K pace. This workout is supposed to be an indicator of your Marathon time. Here are my laps 3:54, 3:55, 3:52, 3:50, 3:53, 3:56, 3:53,(where I wanted to quit) 3:56, 3:55, 3:52. So.....according to this effort today I can run a sub four hour marathon? We will see. Well, Marquette won by one point, and as I write this my beloved Tigers are up at the half against Cornell. I passed 17,000 miles today for my lifetime mileage. I was thinking about the importance of staying in…

Thursday is for meetings!

A busy day today, running around town, meetings, hospital, such are Thursdays. My favorite paper is the Thursday paper. Thursdays are often a quiet night at home.
Usually a good run is up for Thursday, but today was a survival run. I felt sore and slow. I just tried to get in the miles. 5 in 52:53. Not a good pace but I'm still on the tail end of this cold that seems unshakable.
I'm hoping for a time at the track tomorrow. I need some mile repeats. Hope for 6 x 1600. Saturday will be 6.2. Training for the Marathon is winding to a close!

Looking ahead to next week:
Monday- 10-9:15's
Wed- 8-9:40's
Fri- off
Saturday(3/28)- 1/2 Marathon race. I plan on running a little faster than marathon pace (8:40's)with a two mile warm-up and two mile cool-down giving me 17+ miles.
Then I begin the taper!
Cooled off down here but still in the 50's-peace!

No Complaints!!

The weather is fantastic!! 74 degrees, sunny, and a sweet southern breeze. I'm still in the weak grip of a cold but I have been able to keep the training going.
I debated whether to nap or to run today if that tells you how I'm feeling. I opted for the run and after three miles I finally got to feeling decent. It took me a whopping 33 minutes to cover that first three but then I began to feel better and finished up with 8 miles in 1:19.04. So the last five were low nines. I guess I can't complain about being semi-under the weather. I am still putting in the miles and the times aren't to far off from goal.
I passed an elderly Gentleman as I was running. He was on the sidewalk having to use a cane to walk, he had a very laborious gait. He looked at me and I waved, he yelled " I used to be able to do that!" So I guess it could be worse! I can still do that!! I have a lot of respect for folks like him. He had on a hat that signified he was a veteran and he was …

Thirty Three days-

The goal Marathon is fast approaching- I still have a hesitation in my gut when I think about breaking the four hour mark. This post might be boring but I need it for the record:
Last Weeks Training:

Monday 20.2 miler-10:17's slower pace than planned
Tues-rest onset of cold
Wednesday-4.2 miles feeling cruddy
Thursday- off feeling cruddier
Friday-6.3 miles Hit bottom-working back up
Saturday-6.2 miles- 8 x 1/2 miles Feeling a little better, ran well
Sunday- off- Still draggy
36.8 miles total
This weeks plan: (closing in on taper phase)
Monday 12.7 miles hills-9:55's Felt good but pace was labored
Tues- off? might run easy
Wed- 6-easy 9's
Thurs- 6-ditto
Fri- track- mile repeats-7-8 miles
Sat- 10K pace? Total miles?-38-41

Random observations:
In my opinion most people respect runners, they will give way at crossings, etc.- Those that we think don't often just don't see us-people are overtly preoccupied with their life- Ex- texting while driving?
In the Ozarks there is a fortune in the d…

Standin' on a Rock!

One of my favorite Ozark Mountain Daredevils tunes "Standin' on a Rock" was going through my head as I ran today. These guys came out of Springfield in the early seventies and actually were pretty big in their time. I was just a punk ninth grader when they first came on the scene. We'd hang out side the Hippie clubs downtown listening to the music. Here 'tis-
The 12.7 miles went good! Spring is here! Averaged 9:55's
Felt pretty good, but the cold is still nagging me. I noticed a significant dragging today, but the song stirred strength! I'm standin' on the rock !!Peace!

Go Tigers!

I love college hoops! Too bad I will miss the Mizzou Tigers wrap up the Championship tonight. I've a wedding to perform then a party to attend. Saturdays can get busy!
Next week we've marked a big X in the calendar on Saturday. It's going to be for us! What I've learned in life is you must refill or you'll stop running. Yet it's hard to do considering my profession.
Today I opted for 8 X 1/2 mile repeats with a two minute rest in between. I increased pace on each one. They looked like this 4:17, 4:13, 4:10, 4:07, 4:03, 4:00, 3:58,, 3:55. Interesting to note; I really didn't suck air? The Lactic acid build up wasn't noticeable? I could of gone harder?
I'm still somewhat sick. I woke up coughing twice during the night. So I'm a little apprehensive.
Have a great Sunday!! Peace.

Missouri Mule...headed

I'm from the Sho-me state. Missourians take pride in being stubborn! Hillbillies do not like change or revenuers! Plus when we set out to do something we plan on getting it done! This creeping crude I've contracted is taking some of the fight out of me. I had to completely take yesterday off from the training program, thus I lost a day! It was hard to take it off due to my stubborn streak, but my head was stopped up, my nose running faster than me, and my throat sore. The two huge Hershey's chocolate bars, plenty of fluids, and a super hot shower yesterday seemed to help. I woke up today feeling better. The body is still mysteriously fatigued, I think it was the medicine my Sweetheart gave me? She's quite the little Nurse. I know she loves me when she's Doctoring me! So....I decided to run today! I took it slow and easy, felt fair, and actually ran 20 minutes at or above marathon pace. Perhaps I'm getting well? Totalled 6.3 miles in an hour. I'm still …


They say that long runs can decrease the ability of the immune system during the recovery period. Last night I noticed the scratchy throat, sniffles, ears a poppin' thing starting up. Just what I don't need!
Today the symptoms have abated somewhat but I'm still draggy. I managed 4.2 miles at an easy clip. It took me 2.5 miles to get to where I felt like running? Tough day!
I had to go to the Hospital, regardless of my condition. One of my sweetest people had a stroke this morning so I had to be with her and her family. They had no idea I felt like crude!
She is doing remarkably well! Because I've grown up here I know hundreds of people. I happened to be the Pastor of the teaching nurse on the ICU floor!! She's a runner, too! Training for a marathon in New York. Can't remember the name of the race (she told me) but it's an all woman marathon. She is probably only 25 or 26 yet attained to great accomplishments already!
Well, a super hot shower, plenty of …

Twenty is plenty

The second twenty miler is in the books! It really feels good to get these runs done. This was not my best twenty miler. I averaged 10:19's for the run and this is a bit slower than I was needing. However, I am satisfied because I was tired going into the run today. Does anybody else out there in blog land live with perpetual quad soreness? My body is definitely dealing with soreness. Yet I now see how the taper comes in to play. It is a most important balancing act, to diminish training stress and replenish muscle health all the while not losing all that you worked for.
I had a stray dog hook up with me for about four miles. A good looking chocolate Lab. He was a really good dog! He stuck close, stayed smart, and treated me with respect, in other words he knew where I was and where I was going to be so he never got in my way.When I got home I feed and watered him, then he took off for more adventures. I really enjoyed his company! I have always loved dogs. Especially hunting dogs.…

Stranger than Fiction?

How could I run nearly as well today as on the track yesterday? Temps are a bit cooler, yet the wind is horrendous, out of the SW at 30-37mph!
I ran as I felt even though the legs are definitely tired; I felt strong! A two mile warm-up then I just let it rip. Two boys shooting hoops stopped to look at the old timer running! I said "work hard and you can do anything your heart desires." One said "Thanks!" That felt good to encourage someone. I knocked of a bunch of sub 9's so I'm again, encouraged, my training seems to be producing results. 8 miles in 1:14.36-9:19's or so.
40.9 miles for the week. Tomorrow is an off day, yeah right! Sundays are the hardest effort of the week for me!
I am going to work hard to rest, hydrate, and be ready for the most important run-a 21 miler on Monday. Breaking four hours is a pretty big goal I think. That means I have to knock off 36 minutes off of my last marathon. This I know: I could of never run 8 miles at this pa…

Track day

Track day! Always fun and enjoyable. Today the kids were out in force! The track was busy. I was unable to run on the inside track most of the time so the times are a little long. Doesn't matter, it is what it is... Due to the 80, yes, 80 degree temperature I guess the body said no to the MP Push. Instead I did four repeats at around 15K pace. 1X2000 meters 10:44.87,
1X1600 8:21.95, 1X2000 10:19.58, 1X1600 8:17.18. I really didn't feel it today? I guess the sinus headache I was dealing with yesterday fatigued me some.I never like to take medicine because I have a very low tolerance for drugs. Drugs really zap me! But I took some anyway and I've been light headed all day, the headache is gone, though!
All in all it was a good and productive workout. The marathon requires ability to sustain effort just below LT and this run will be a good training effort.
Looking at the weeks training I really need an 8 miler tomorrow. I'm still wondering if I've got enough mileage…


Today the sun is shining, the temps are balmy, and the blustery South breeze is welcomed! I put on a singlet and shorts, with my new Kayano 15's and headed out the door with an attitude!
I was gonna run for an hour or so and like it! I really did, too. 5.8 miles in 55:30. I'm still taking it easy, looking forward to track day tomorrow. I'm sure it'll be a zoo there with the temps as high as they're getting.
When I came in and took off the wet top I saw tan lines already! Wow, it's only March and I'm tanning up already. Ever since I was a kid I always tanned good. Back in my day we were always outdoors until dark, Winter, Spring, Summer, or Fall. I really love Summer!
I'm encouraged by my attitude recovery, and my physical recovery. One of the major drawbacks to growing older is the body really does take longer to recover, but it still does! Amazing!!
One of my favorite sayings as a Leader is "Be in season." Think about it? Example: I saw…


As I went out the door for a recovery run I was concerned about how I would feel. With the hard effort yesterday and the nagging aches and pains, some unwilling to be resolved, I was kind of worried I may be in trouble. But! I felt pretty good! My body was able to get going and I put in 4.7 miles easy. I am encouraged by this recovery run.
The weather is wonderful! 54 degrees! Sunny blue skies! Like a heat wave! Upper sixties and even seventies are predicted for the rest of the week. That is good news!
I've decided not to run anymore short races before the marathon. I think they can be a test of fitness but not the best gauge for a marathon prediction. I will run a half marathon March 28th. That is the longest race besides a 5K in my area?! I guess the 5k is more appealing to the masses.
I still have a nagging doubt that I am missing an important component in my training program.
Perhaps it's just negativity but I wonder if I can break four hours in the marathon. The main…

Test Run

Needed at least a twelve miler today. I managed to get it done even though I would of rather not. Seems like I'm dealing with the mid-training blahs. I turned in a good run doing the 12 in 1:51.56. I increased pace each half hour and wanted to simulate the marathon pacing strategy I am planning on employing. Start slow and gradually increase pace...does that work?
Hope I get through this valley or funk I'm in, maybe the increase in temps will help. We have a warm front moving in tomorrow.
Seems like maybe I'm dealing with a test of will? I am dealing with some nagging discomforts as we all do, and sometimes the amount of miles I need to log is like a mountain to be climbed.
On another note, I've only run three Marathons, should I carry one of those fanny pack deals during the race? I see folks using those to carry GU or other resources. Let me know your experiences and thoughts on this subject. I have always relied on the water stations for supplement and I'm th…

Slug Bug

Mondays are usually long run days for me. Lately it seems Sundays have been taking a toll on me and disabling my Monday plans. I felt like a slug bug today! I was planning for 12 miles but only managed 4.3 miles; the body is tired and sore. Being the Pastor of a fast growing, dynamic body of Believers is a joy and a tremendous drain. My Sweetheart and I are exhausted after the services.
I see now why Monday is often an off day for many runners; they do their long run on Sunday. Last night when we got home around 9:00pm I felt like I'd run a marathon! I was beat! Feet were sore, quads tired. I pump a lot of adrenaline on Sundays!
I plan on 11 to 12 miles tomorrow, Oh, by the way, we are going to see upper 70's by the end of this week!! I am excited about that. I am a hot weather runner and I love the heat!