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Breakin' through!

Well I took better care to be prepared for the long run today. Sandy and I ate at "Olive Garden" last night. I had the spaghetti and meatballs, salad, and six bread sticks! I felt very guilty about my gluttony after I was finished! I slept good but not long. I woke up very early and just laid there thinking. This happens quite frequently. You might be thinking "Bad breadsticks!" but I am sure it is just an opportunity for me to think and talk with my Father.
The weather is fantastic! 63 degrees and whipping west winds. I took off on the Battlefield Hills loop. I extended it to 12.2 miles. This is a rugged, hilly, delightful run, with a city side and a country side. I started with the city section and did the 2 mile warm up-during this time the gremlin of doubt began to nag me to not go long today. I thwarted the devil and began to feel pretty good. I got into a pace that was holdable(?) and ran! I did the 12.2 in 1.57.23-or 9:37's.
I actually clocked a half m…


Proper preparation prevents poor performance! I did not get ready to run long today! Only six hours of sleep. Avoided breakfast! Drank four cups of coffee! That ain't gonna cut it!
Needless to say I knew I wasn't going to run long. I settled for a short run. Funny; I felt terrible, then towards the end like Superman!
Sandy and I are going out the Olive garden tonight. I will properly hydrate, and I plan on a better nights sleep. Then tomorrow I will be better prepared to cover the D.
MU plays tonight! Go Tigers! 3.8 miles and a beautiful day!


Wow! It looks to be a spectacular day today! The sun is shining and the temps will be mild-45 degrees- I will rest in between services today. I probably will doze through the football games.
I only put in 10.3 miles this last week with 50/50 running. One day great and the other the blahs. I hope my body and mind can get it together enough to get back on track this coming week. I really need to get in 12 to 14 miles on Monday. Hope you have a good one!


A huge rainstorm moved through the area today. I finally ventured out after the downpour and covered 4.1 miles in the chilly damp weather. I really felt the blahs today. I don't understand this seeing as how I had six days off until yesterday but so it is. BLAH! I felt old and slow.
I'm aching in every area, and I'm thinking "What's the use!" The dreaded gremlin of quitting is after me! There will always be stretches of the blahs in training. I have around 12 weeks before my next attempt at breaking four hours in the marathon and I really want it! So blahs or not I move on. Tomorrow I will rest, and Monday I need to increase long run distance. Temps look to be very good Monday, too!Peace!
Heat Wave-
Yahoo!! 65 degrees today!! The wind didn't make a bit of difference today! It felt good to be back on the roads after the six off days. That's the longest stretch I've had off all year. I can now see the clear advantage of the taper. I felt so strong and full of energy. I kept trying to contain myself. Ran the 10k route and did it in 58:28. 9:25's.
I had time to think about the message this Sunday, to plan on next weeks training, to talk to God about this coming year and how I can continue to grow and excel as a leader.
Truly, as John Maxwell says. "everything rises and falls on leadership." As Dr. George Sheehan said, "everyone is an athlete", so everyone is a leader. We do choose our way! We do decide our route. It is up to us to make the move!
What one thing do you really want to accomplish this year? How will you get there? You must lead! Why do most people choose to follow? The lead wagon always takes the most arrows-that's an …
Christmas Past-
Six days in a row of no running! I am feeling like I may be able to salvage the week. With a cold and Christmas it seemed that training had to take the back burner.
We had an awesome Christmas Eve service at OHC! The facility was absolutely packed out! Sandy and I hung out afterwards with some really good friends, EmptyNesters, too.
Then yesterday was delightful. The kids came over and we spent the evening together. I think of those Christmas times when the boys were little...O what fun we had! I am always reminding myself to not get bogged down in the past. I look at my sons now and see great futures for them and their families.
So life goes on. It's up to me to get back to training! I went to the Doc Wednesday, too. Yuk! Since I am over 50 that requires some invasive examination! Doc said I've the body of a 30 year old (in shape). Things look good. He gave me permission to train hard! I still have to go in for one more procedure-a colonoscopy-O boy! What fu…
Rainy Day!
Amazingly I seem to be recovering from this bout with a cold rather quickly. I decided to take another day off with complete inactivity. Just the normal day to day stuff. It is really atrocious weather-freezing rain and extreme winds. So needless to say it has been a nice four day respite.
However, I am truly determined to break four hours in the marathon. This is my goal and my desire. So a little oasis in the midst of hard training can't hurt. I will probably chalk this week up to training by resting. Then next week I will return with a vengeance!
I have been reading many other running blogs and I wonder sometimes the purpose of this activity, but I do see a really cool community of runners. I hope this blog could be of some value to someone besides me. I have found that this blog motivates me and so do other blogs. I have found people that share common circumstances, hopes, and hurts. I look forward to the posts ahead.

July the 4th 1972 my brother Rick and I, my best friend Eddie and his brother Pete, set out for California from Springfield Missouri. I was 17. We were in a 1966 Volkswagen van that had USA curtains, an eight track tape player blaring "Smoke on the water" and crazy guts?!. We all were long hairs, hippies if you will, Ozark hippies, is that an oxymoron?This was a very memorable trip! Along the way we hiked the Grand Canyon and spent the night by the Colorado river. Back in that day you pulled in the parking lot and headed down the trail. Today it's a bunch of rigmarole to go down-ruined by legislation and business. Anyway, why I bring this up is I have contracted a cold. It has made its way to my chest and I know I am sidelined from intensive training. I don't think my marathon training is in jeopardy, though. So I say to this-"20 cent bummer!" This may not be the least bit humorous to you but it was at the time. The van had burned up in Death…
Ice, ice, baby too cold!
Well it has hit a real low today-5 degrees above zero. Yet the sun is shining. I will, again, take a day of rest. My body feels good except from the neck up. I seem to have taken on the form of a cold? Sneezing, runny nose.
I got no sleep night before last! The Motel was a breeding ground for the disrespectful! Noise, noise, and more noise, in the middle of the night-people yelling, slamming doors. Come on!
Anyway, I did not sleep well the night before the wedding. Even though I was exhausted the wedding went on well. Thanks to a runners endurance and mentality!
Today it's church all day. I hope to catch a nap sometime in between. Yet this is what I do and I have been looking forward to this day all week! I have a really good message to bring to the folks! One of inspiration and great hope!
I will hope to be improved for Mondays run. My sweetheart is doctoring me, peace!
TRAIN!- As I was doing my mile repeats today, in the sunshine!! I had an interesting thought. Training the body to race is much the same as starting a train. The engine must start-and each car must be engaged. Often by a violent jolt. Our control is our brain-like Yogi Berra said "baseball is 90% mental and the other half physical." We engage by our decision to run validated by action. I don't need to give you the whole discourse, but you get the picture. For me , now, the car that I am engaging is speed. Training the body to run faster. Today I did 3x1 mile repeats with an 800 meter jog. 8:05, 7:48,,7:37, in that order. I worked during the intervals to achieve my best running economy. I have a long way to go but I am definitely making gains! 6.4 miles total in 1:00.11. 9:24 avg. I seriously doubt I will run for the next two days. Out of town and church so I will be exhausted. Peace!
Man I felt sluggish today. I have been working pretty hard on the roads so my body was saying take it easy. It was like I was dragging a ball and chain the first two miles. Finally I felt somewhat decent but I went on home to rest. I opted to wait until tomorrow to do any speed work. I'm having some unusual soreness in the lower abdomen area? I go to the Doc for my annual physical next week, maybe he'll have an idea? Well, only got 3.2 miles in, 21.9 for the week. I'm thinking about going to the track tomorrow. Need at least 3.1-but would like to log 8.1 more miles this week. I do another wedding Saturday. We had another baby born this week. It's been very hectic. The boy is back from college. He brought his girl friend up with him, she is staying a couple of nights with us. I really like her! Bright and beautiful. Sandy and I are going out on a double date with them tonight! How's that for kids not wanting to be seen with their parents. I am proud of my sons! Pe…
I've been thinking a lot about my running goals lately. What am I really able to do? What do I want to do? I've returned to racing, training, I'm improving, my weight is down 16lbs, so what now? How well can I perform? I looked back to the race times in my "heyday" and equivalency charts show I could barely qualify for Boston. I have been seriously considering making Boston a goal for 2011. Then I would be 55 yrs old, as skinny as possible, and running my best times (that's the vision). But I have an obsessive nature! If I decided on this goal I would pursue it with every ounce of determination I have. My Dad raised us boys (I have two bros.) to decide what we were going to do, and do it to the best of our ability! Could I keep things in balance? I will keep thinking about this idea. I have pretty much decided on The Little Rock marathon for my next 26.2 miler. If you are going let me know! I will run several races along the way and plan on having fun! But I …
I always liked that one song "Let's get physical" but as I get along in years of bodily use and abuse I discover that there are pains that must accompany me when I get physical. Just like the lines in the song; "Let me hear your body talk,Your body talk, let me hear your body talk" we runners must hear when our bodies talk! We also have to learn when we can or cannot run with an injury. That discernment only comes with experience. I've got three good pains that I carry every time I get physical! Yet even today I had a great run. 6.9 miles along Wilson's Creek. There is a point when the aches disappear and the run is free and easy. Nothing like it!
18.7 total for week, looking for at least two more runs. I have to go out of town and perform a wedding this weekend so my Saturday run is in jeopardy, unless I run early and from the motel room. It's possible! I will at least have some type of speed work. To run faster one must run faster,grassh…
As I age I have realized the importance of recovery. So today I will rest and not run. The roadways are still ice and snow covered with more freezing precip on the way.
I am now, finally after all these years, considering my diet more carefully. I need to consider intake that will help my body recover and rebuild better after hard efforts like yesterday. Man, am I sore! Running on ice works so many additional muscle groups! So after a long, hard effort, what's the best refueling meal? Not the twizzlers and coke I had while running errands after yesterdays 11.8! I can't help it! I'm a sugar addict!
The weather shows we may climb above freezing tomorrow so the roads will thaw out and I can keep my mileage base in the 25-30 mile range. I am seriously thinking about a marathon rather than the half for March. There is "Little Rock", "Eisenhower", or "Olathe". I am leaning towards Little Rock because my youngest son, Evan, goes to College nea…
A Tale of two worlds-
Zero degrees today with a good coat of ice and sleet, northwest wind of 12-15mph. It is cold and slick. I layered up and lit out for my new battlefield hills run. It is a beautiful run of 11.8 miles. The largest part of the run is done in the world of nature. I saw a Red-Tailed Hawk working the fence line. I spooked a gaggle of geese off of silver spring pond and watched them form the amazing skein. I saw Mr. and Mrs. Mallard and their kinfolk in several locations. Do you know why the male has the colorful markings and the female does not? No googling! Think. Of course being an Ozarker I love the outdoors and observing nature. Animals are smart. I noted the birds hunkering on the lee side of a hill. Keeping warm and out of the wind. As I found the trail head I began to observe several different animal tracks. The Coons are really thick in this area and I noted there must be a big ole boar coon because he made heavy tracks. I was wondering about deer and sure enoug…
Winter Wonderland-
It's coming! The ice storm/snowstorm is only 5 to 6 hours out. I sure hope it's not too bad. I have been running rather well lately and I'd like to stay on the roads. The old bones can still do it! I look for at least 10 miles tomorrow, if it was warmer I'd do 16, but I will wait...
The wedding went off great! Heather was a beautiful bride! This young lady had been like a daughter to me over the years and I'm very proud of her. Her husband is a very fine young man. I believe these kids will do great things in their lives.
Someone was joking with me about running in the ice and snow and I told them I know how to do it and I'll be out there, they looked at me like I was nuts! I love being a runner! Peace!
'Tis the Season-
The wind is howling out of the Northwest today at up to 50mph. A gnarly front is getting ready to move through the region. I opted for a treadmill workout today. I set the incline at 1.5, warmed up for 14 minutes and began an ascending pace workout to 7.1 mph. then descended getting an excellent workout in of 46 minutes at or above 6mph and 18 total warm up cool down minutes totaling 64:43-6.4 miles. The treadmill is okay for heart work but I much prefer the roads. I finished with 30.2 miles this week and three rather vigorous workouts.
I seem to have escaped the doghouse and perhaps I learned a valuable lesson: it isn't all about me! I seriously need to keep a grip on that reality. Looks to be a very busy weekend. I perform a wedding tomorrow afternoon and the rehearsal is tonight. Often these events are such a joy, but also a challenge. I always want to do the very best I can for these folks. The wedding is a very important benchmark for many people and th…
We went shopping today. I'm worn out-frazzled. I intensely dislike shopping and it is all I can do to survive the torture. Needless to say, as usual, I am in the doghouse because of my behavior while we shopped. I am so accustomed to life in the doghouse that if I wasn't living there I wouldn't know what to do or think!
I've decided to spend the rest of the day working and I will take today off from training. I plan on at least 8 miles tomorrow, maybe a ten miler? So I will still have a very productive week even if I take three days off. Well, dinner at friends tonight. Hope the wife lets me out of the doghouse. You'd think I would learn! Can't teach an old dog new tricks I guess. Peace.
Sunshine!!Wow, what a difference some sunshine makes on a run, huh? These last few days have been cold, dark, and dreary. Today was sunny, windy, and cold! No matter, I had a plan to run four miles at 10K pace so I dressed light, gloves, wool hat, long sleeve running shirt, and tights with shorts. I started slow to warm up, man, it seemed to take me forever to make the switch today. Finally at about 2.7 miles I felt good. I have been thinking "running economy" as I run lately. So I worked on being smooth and fluid, in pacing and breathing. Yet the first mile of the four was an unbelievable 9:51! I though I was in the "twilight zone!" I kept at it, though, and the next three miles were good, 8:24, 8:14, 8:11, in that order. I decided to wind down instead of doing another mile and finished with 10 Kilometers in 56:03.97.I am pleased with this workout and I am positive about my improvement. I will break into the 23's in the 5K and 49's in the 10k. I'm pret…
Story of my life! Pain in the, too! I forgot to post yesterday what with all the stress it seems I'm enduring. Pastoring has to be one of the loneliest jobs around. Kinda like the Maytag repairman but just the opposite, stuff seems to always go wrong. Even so, I am resilient and will always give the benefit of the doubt towards others. Except mean drivers and dogs!
I ran terribly slow yesterday in the 14 degree temps. Finally broke into 9's by mile two and finished with a 5.8 miler in 59:28.45. The last 3.5 were in 9:38 range so all was not lost.
I've logged 17.6 this week and will attempt speed work today. I am looking to a simple tempo run with three miles at or below 10K pace which is currently 8:26's or thereabouts.
So behind or not I always have the road ahead! I am actually making progress as I have instituted a new program in my work life. It's called six-by-six- if interested in more details I can post about it later. Time to catch up!
I will take this day to rest from the hard effort yesterday. I feel a little sore as I am pushing the limit on these runs. I am applying the "adaption theory" to my training.
If I increase the demands on the body to function at a higher level it will adapt (or breakdown).
Therefore rest is an essential in this type of training. I learned this theory in College when I was beginning my discovery of running and it's benefits.
I get to jam tonight. The bluegrass group is getting together and this is always a lot of fun.
I look forward to my speed work session this week as I continue to adapt to faster running.
I will probably do a tempo run of 5 miles (inc warm and cool) trying to get at or near a 10K pace of 8:15's for at least three miles. Next day of rest is Sunday and my desire is to log 25-30 miles this week. Snow is on the way, too. I really love running in snow!
Long run day today. I mapped out a new run called Battlefield Hills loop. It's difficult without a Garmin (Christmas list) to know mileage because about a third of the run is on a trail system. There is much winding and curving. I'm making an educated guess (which I am very adept) at 11.8 miles. I did the run in 1:53.54. 9:39's. The last leg of 4.3 miles was directly into the 28-35 mph winds we are having today. I was thinking about how these conditions truly reveal the diehard/devoted runner. I pressed on diligently. There were some very good uphill sections in this run. Some long rises which will come in handy in this training segment. I am pleased with the time considering the double difficulty; hills and distance.
In many ways this run reflects the current reality of my life. Three segments, The wind to my back, maintaining rhythm and tempo, the joy of solace on the trails, hearing the creaking of the saplings as the wind bore down on the forest, facing the…
24:35.2-7:53's -75/193-14/25-age group. I have a lot of improving to do. To think I used to place in the top five with regularity. The three people immediately in front of me were all in my age group so I can improve quickly. I feel real good. The race didn't zap me too bad. I now at least have an idea where I am VO2 max wise and what I need to do to improve. Run faster!
My training is coming along. Off tomorrow. Probably no post since I've had three today!
Victory! Dufus!
I had such a morning! I get to the location of the race. Find adequate parking. Enter the facility and remove new sunglasses. I like to let them hang around my neck but these are new shades. I register, get the shirt, really nice long sleeve, and go outside...then I realize my shades are gone! Brand new Oakley's! Lost! What a dufus! I immediately retraced and believe it or not I found them still on the ground in the foyer no worse for the wear. Did I say Dufus!
The course was a two looper through MSU campus so I did about two miles of warm-up. Including the loop one time. Finally the race started and it was well represented. I would say about 200 runners. I started okay, probably could of gone a little faster but I felt good as I settled into a nice pace. I ran along, briefly with one of OMRR's Hall Of Famers, but I decided to have some guts and I pressed on. First mile was a 7:51.99. The North wind at about 20mph was somewhat of a bite but actually the weath…
Well I guess I'm racing today. I woke up at 4:45? Race is at 9:00. I've eaten, and hydrated, some, and am thinking about what my goal really is in this race. I need to establish pace times. What is my 5k pace reality right now? I feel good. Of course lots of aches and pains but I'm old.
So off to the races! A good warm-up then 3.1 miles of racing, then a cool down.
I'll post the results later.
Banjo Bojangles-
Well me and my Bro-in-law made it up to Lebanon and back. My banjo got a tune up and man is she sounding fine. I took up the old banjo and they will try to sell it for me.
I had a good talk with my old school buddy, Mike Morgan, the owner of the store. We reminisced about school and classmates. I'm too far behind, and too tired to run today. Too much to catch up with, too much to do, so I will rest the old bones and settle for less mileage this week than I had hoped for. I have gotten in some quality workouts, though.
I still plan on warming up with about 25-30 minutes of jogging before the race and a decent cool down, too. I hope I can put in at least 7 miles manana.
I wonder a lot! : to be curious or in doubt about. Like why do we blog? What difference will it make? Since I've only had one person take a look at my blog why bother?
Or why does a person like me, supposed to be a "man of the cloth", get irritated with how people treat us runners. I mean I really wanted to throttle this one person today. "Tis the season to be in a huge rush, on your cell phone, and smoking, eating, and driving all at once!" Forget about anybody else for heavens sake! (I almost got run over, again)I wonder is their life really fulfilling? Is a rush around life that is solely about self what our existence is all about?
I wonder, a lot! Note: A runner was struck by a car this morning in Springfield.
Today's run was a struggle. 31 degrees with a howling north wind. I actually slogged today!
4.6 miles on a new route. I call it the battlefield hills run. An out and back that has a 7/10th of a mile stretch with two huge hills. 21.9…
  One of the hardest things, I think, we humans have to deal with is self-discipline. The knowledge of what's right or correct or proper-and then the action that is imparted from this "wisdom".
  Examples? Eating! I remember the good ole' days when the family would go to the pizza buffet. I was King Kong of the buffet! Because I ran multitudes of miles I could eat all I wanted! No discipline at the table!
  Now in my running I am having to exercise discipline. I used to run everything full tilt. Now I have to take some days off, or easy. Like today. I disciplined myself to run at conversation pace the whole distance. I did it!! I ran 7.3 miles in 1:15.07. The last 5.3 at exactly 10:00's. I'm not pleased with the time but the training effect is what I'm looking for. This Saturday will be for time. I am needing to establish a realistic 5k time so I can train effectively. I think I am capable of a 24min 5k. We will see? 17.3 miles for the week. Looking …
Rudolph-Remember in Rudolph the red nose reindeer the Elf going around saying "busy, busy, busy!" Man that's how I feel! I decided to rest from training today. The ten miler yesterday left me with a slight twinge in the left knee. Nothing to worry about, but it sure seems my left side is always complaining about something. I wonder if there is a deeper meaning there? Nah! The day is warm! I hate to miss it but rest can do wonders. I plan on probably 6-8 miles tomorrow, 4-5 on Thursday, 4-5 on Friday, and a race on Saturday with that mileage totalling 5-6. Thus rounding out the week at or near 31 miles. Every day this week is filled from daybreak to sunset (and beyond). The life of a Pastor is at least very demanding! Also, very distressing, too. I have fellow Pastors that are dealing with great difficulties right now in their ministries. I always carry around this little statement in my head "It's not what we do, but how we do it that counts." One of the t…
Cold Sweat-
   29 degrees, 20mph Northwest wind, overcast skies, and a blanket of snow. What could be better!!
 It takes longer to warm-up in this environment that's for sure. Experts say the body actually burns more calories in this type of climate because it has to work harder to stay warm. I'd rather it be 80 any day!
  Today my goal was 60 consecutive minutes at or near marathon pace. I did 62 minutes at 9:10's so I am very pleased! I totaled 10 miles in a buck thirty seven. Warm-up and cool down were very slow but that's okay what's in the middle is what counts. So with the hope of logging 31 miles this week 10 are under the belt. I am looking to Saturday as my speed-work session. "The Jack Frost 5K."The Catholic Student Center at MSU (my Alma Mater)  puts this on every year and they do a great job.I would really like to knock off a 24min 5K. We'll see.
  Went to the hospital early this morn. Have another family having a baby. That makes three d…