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Well, I am prepared to preach God's word this morning. However, many people wouldn't agree with what I say this morning. Religion has become such a tangled mess!
I am against religion! I am against rules and regulations when it comes to "The Faith." The have to and the do not, this runs people off because they can't meet the standards!- You see the advent of new "Christian" off shot faiths-ex-"Prosperity Gospel." What ever happened to the reality of faith? BEING a person of faith? Enduring through the "thick and thin."The evidence speaks as Grissom would say. I say let's untangle the rat nest and get back to the faith-a simple love relationship with Father and child made possible by Jesus! I love what I do!!
Off day today. Rest. Still dealing with a minor, nagging leg pain. I think I will take some medicine and hope I will be able to do the important Monday run.
I saw nearly a dozen folks out putting up Christmas lights. One location I heard a pretty good spat in the garage, the wife seemed to be getting the upper hand. At another locale two little girls were watching Dad string lights along the gutter and they had such joy on their faces!
My, how the years can tinge our faces! As I ran along I was thinking about what was going through the minds of those lone light stringers? Joy? Angst? Solace? I remember the wonder of lights! I really like the old fashioned bulbs, they are rather large in comparison to today's bulb, they are kinda tear shaped. Well I have to hand it to the light stringer, at least they are trying. I ran real well today. 6.8 miles. 5 at 9:16 avg. with two sub 9's. I feel pretty good but the body is not like it used to be. I guess running with a constant ailment will be a fact of life.
Off tomorrow and I hope to run at least 60 minutes at 9:20's Monday with warm-up and cool down mileage.
The yo…
Yee Haw!! I get to play music tonight. I decided my mileage is good this week so I'm choosing to rest today. I will run 6-7 miles tomorrow and complete a good week with around 28 miles total. I look to increase by 10% next week and logging 30+ miles. Mondays run will be important. I want at least 60 minutes at under 9:40's with a mile warm-up and a mile cool down. Saturday will be my speed effort because I will enter the "Jack Frost 5K". I will start that race very well warmed-up, and I will try to run it in 24 minutes. That sure is a long way from the day when I consistently ran in the 20's. But that was then and this is...old age!
Run turkey run!
Had to get going early due to family plans. A flat out beautiful morning! Sunny, calm, and cold! I saw two other runners out as I worked the center of the road this morning.
I decided on an easy type of speed work today. One mile warm-up and cool down, with 10x1min pick-ups. I averaged under 8:30's for two miles. I was thinking that I could hold this pace for a half marathon as I was sailing along. Maybe a 1:50 is a reasonable goal? So what would be a challenging goal? Hold on there pilgrim!! This is week one!
4.5 miles in 41:51. At 21.6 miles total. Two more runs to total 28+ for the week.
Happy Thanksgiving! Run Turkey run!
Debt- a state of owing
One of the great truths of life is the fact of debt. Most people are deep in debt!
"Sixteen tons" and what do you get? Another day older and deeper in debt!
In order to run well; that is to run your very best, to reach your ultimate potential and attain great goals, you owe the road time. It is inescapable and it's not only time you owe but hard effort, too. Our bodies cry out for relief! " Can't we take today off? Let's stay on the couch and eat another twinky!" The eternal, infernal aches and pains that dog me as I pay the asphalt cry out, too. Yet I will get what I pay for! I have been pushing it this week. The start of the 16 week training program has gone off pretty good so far, today I knocked off 5.4 miles with a solid stretch of 9:15's. I am excited about my ability to raise the training pace. I am going to keep lifting the bar, paying the debt, and reaping the benefits. Yet I will listen to the body, but it must be hon…
"Nothing runs like a Deere" There is some very deep connection between a man and his lawnmower. Often it is a love hate relationship.Recently I have noted the number of men washing and polishing their riders while I am out running the roads. This affection is born out of a deep seated instinct that is hard to articulate. Imagine Hank Hill on his rider. It's a place of comfort, manhood, and power. Oh well, I don't have a rider, just a clanky old push mower! I don't even run like a Deere! But today I felt good! 3.6 easy. 11.7 for the week. I hope to have a tempo run this week. My goal is to at least increase mileage by 10% over last week giving me around 28+ for the week.
What it is-
One of the questions we would ask ourselves in college (the group I "ran" with) was "What is reality?" Pretty heavy stuff, huh? We really never answered the question. However, it did cause us to think. Thinking truly is something that is lacking sorely in our current reality, as I see it, anyway.
Here is reality for me, today: Northwest wind staying in my face constantly even as I turned to the South. Sciatica is nearly healed. (YES!!) Ran a total of 8.1 miles, with a great warm-up, a strong middle of 5.4 miles at 9:03 pace, and a mile cool down. The course was rolling and quiet. The sky was clear and inviting, the air was clean and nourishing. The road was a joy today! That's reality! To exist in a well worn body and to be able to have hope for improvement gives me a vision of a reality-Posting the 1:50.00 half in March- So what is reality?
Looking to "The Jack Frost 5k" Dec. 6th. This would be a speed work session.
When I was a kid Sundays were different. They stood out as a special day. A day for family and for friends. Even though our family didn't attend church Sunday remained special; set aside if you will. Mom would often make a "Roast beef dinner" and for the most part it was good! Sometimes the beef was chewy and I would request the ketchup and get the "glare stare" from Mom. We did stuff as a family. Today it's still somewhat the same but also it is very different. Sunday is a personal day. A day people have set aside for themselves. Ultimately time will catch up with this decision. People will come to the end of the race and wonder why they have difficulty in relationships, partnerships, and fellowships.
Well enough of the "Andy Griffith"lamentation! Today is a day of rest for me! (Personal day!)No running.
I look to the possibility of a long run on Monday. Up to 11.0 miles, I hope. Sciatica is getting better and better, little by littl…
Once I got warmed I ran real strong. 6.4 miles in 1:01.14. The last 3.4 I averaged 8:50s. So I'm pretty pumped about the possibilities. A 40 degree day with strong south winds, nice sunshine. I bought some new shades (Oakley's) and they worked good.
I went down a street where a bunch of Cowboys were frying a turkey, or deer, or some type of game. There were all the jacked up four-wheel drives along the street, country music blaring from the garage, long neck bottles, and cheeks bulging with tobacco. (Conspicuously missing? The girls!!)It was funny how they stopped what they were doing and took a long look at this dude in tights running down the road, with nothing visible that he was chasing nor with anything chasing him? I'm sure they got a chuckle, "run Forest, run!" (One of the great movies of all time!)
Got 26.0 even in this week. Hope to start the program Monday.
Super day! 28 degrees with a sunny sky and light breeze. Put in 4.0 miles easy. I must remember that I can no longer go out the door on the run. I require a warm-up now or I'll do a mini bonk? I remember back in the day (1980's) when I could go out the door on the run. Seems like about three years ago I noticed the need for a graduated switch from existing to running. Now, if I don't do the switch right I will pay. So out the door I walk briskly for one minute, and jog a minute. Walk a minute and jog two minutes, (I feel like an idiot!) in the next segment usually I can begin steady jogging. At about 1.3 miles I break a bead of sweat and the switch has been made and I can start training. The only draw back is time. It requires a pretty good segment of my training time, plus it messes with my pride.
So today when I went out like in my youth it cost me! I was walking in mile two. I worked through it and made the switch and the last mile was great!
Yesterdays run was felt. …
A cold blustery day. I covered 6.3 miles at 9:41's. The first mile is always a warm up so I was knocking right around 9's on the last four miles without really trying. I sure miss Summertime but Wintertime running is where you can find solace. I enjoy being that person that is pursuing not only fitness but a goal. I have in mind a vision. I really want to get back to the day where I was running 8's as an easy training pace. Probably won't occur but I continue to drop the pounds. Down to 178 today. My best marathon time was when I weighted 172.
As I was running today, right around the fastest mile, a downhill section, a phrase came to mind, "How sweet it is." The 30mph north wind and the continuous rise finally were behind me and I was cruising downhill!
Met with my Mentor today. It was a good time and always a great help to me as I strive to lead.
15.7 miles this week with the goal of 25. Then I launch into my 12 week schedule to the Half-marathon.
Paradox-someone or something with qualities or features that seem to conflict with one another, ex-the paradox of fighting a war for peace.
An overweight runner beating your pants off!
Such is life at times. I see this reality as a constant in life. Whenever you approach an issue or address a cause get ready! The paradox principle can raise its head. Simply start observing in your life how you find that things go in the opposite direction you have been working towards. I have had cause to think about a reverse paradox principle but that's for another day.
The weather was fantastic! 50's with a strong S.W. breeze. Ran 4.0 miles. Don't know the time, my watch went into the twilight zone! 9.4 miles for the week. I am looking to total at least 25 this week.
I've come to realize that in many cases I am a whiner! I belly ache and moan about the current reality of my sciatica without regard for all the other well-functioning parts of my body.
Yes, injuries can be debilitating, frustrating, and discouraging. Yet they are a cause for good, too!? Huh? A reminder that everybody has a hurt(spiritual too), the body is perishable, and healable, a reminder of our ability to work through trials and troubles, and that we can be benched!
So I am glad even though I am not 100%, I can still run. 5.4 miles at 9:45's today. The first mile is always a warm up so I probably knocked off 9:30's. '>Felt good!
Had quite a day in the ministry, too, it's no wonder the burn out rate is so high! Closing in on ten years so I'm doing pretty good, I guess; still kickin'. Just like running there can be injuries in all facets of life. Professional, relational, spiritual. They, too, can heal. They simply must be addressed an…
The Couch
A very rare occasion today. I rested! I flat out did not feel like running. I can recognize that my body is tired. I could have gone but it would not of been profitable. Often times the couch is called for, even if it means two days in a row off the roads?!
On a positive note; the current bout with this dogged sciatica seems to be on the home stretch. This has been, by far, the best pain free day in probably five weeks. I'm thinking training begins with a passion next Monday!!
My current training plan "thought" is five running days per week. One long run every other week, on Monday, of 16 miles or more, with at least a ten miler for the week in between.
Speed work on Thursday at the track. Hills or a race on Saturday totaling at least 9 miles.
Wednesday and Friday will be at or near marathon pace-at least 9:40's. I hope to total between 35-50 miles per week. I will plan on breaking the 1:50 barrier for the half.
Tuesdays and Sundays are off days. Remem…
How many of us are worriers? Fretting about tomorrow? What if, what if? I would expect on some scale each one of us falls into some form of worry-wartism!
I was reading this morning how people are buying guns at a rate never seen before. Why? To protect themselves I would think. It's unfortunate that our current reality in the USA causes this type of response. On another note I have read reports of the long lines at the church food pantries. Thank God that these pantries have supplies to dispense. What if we weighted the expenses of buying guns/ammo and providing food? That's too much for my brain to consider. I guess guns can provide food, too? Well I guess I won't worry about is enough for me to deal with. No run today. The sciatica is still bothering me, and it seems to be lasting longer than it should? This is causing me anxiety!
That's what I keep doin'-truckin'. The cold winds are here! I ran real easy. Again the first mile seems to take forever? Today wasn't so bad. Maybe I'm getting rested. I found myself ready and wanting to run fast, but I held back. I'm pretty sure I will go another week on the reverse taper. My sciatica is slowly (like pouring molasses in winter) healing. 3.6 miles easy. 20.3 in week. Rest tomorrow.
Rainy days-and age-
We have a constant downpour going on today here in the Ozarks. I decided to do a treadmill workout. Stayed in zone two and preached Sundays message while I jogged. Heart rate is very strong but the body is sooo sore from yesterday and the leaf raking! One of the drawbacks of aging is the body does not recover like it used to. I have been a runner for 27 years now. I am nearing 25,000 lifetime miles logged. But I am also feeling the effects of age. I remember how I used to feel invincible! Nothing would slow me or deter me. But now, wow! When the muscles are sore they scream! I'm just a big sissy! That's why I didn't run in the rain!
3.3 miles treadmill in zone 2, 40 minutes. Looking to race on the 6th of December.
Yesterday was an off day. I went out with "The Band of Brothers" and raked a persons yard. I woke up extremely sore. I now see the benefit of cross training. But I'm way too lazy/ busy for that! Unless, of course, it would be golf!
We had 62 degree temps today so I lit out for an easy jog. I am still being careful not to push it to fast. I have noticed some very interesting things since the Marathon; the first mile seems to take forever, my body wants to push the pace after I'm warmed, I seem to have to disassociate more in order to warm-up? Even in extreme soreness I knocked off an easy 9:20 for the last mile. Put in 5.4 miles, 13.4 for the week, looking at two more runs this week. I will finish this week at around 20 miles, then see how I am doing Monday. The rule of thumb is one day of recovery for every mile raced so I may continue the reverse taper for one more week.
I am looking at a 5K race in December to use as a speedwork session. I will aim for 24-25 m…
I wonder if most runners are like me? The slightest pain is cause for concern and even worry. I always make a joke that I have a low pain threshold, but I have run through injuries before.
This dern sciatica is really behaving cuckoo? The pain is really gone but soreness and stiffness in the left hip is worse than ever? I have been real good about stretching, etc., well I guess I'll live!
Ran a real easy 3.5 miler yesterday. I felt good towards the last part. The weather was nasty. I will keep the reverse taper going and look to begin training by the 17th or 24th depending on current reality.
Weather-The time has come when the weather begins to beat on your mind. I absolutely love the SUMMER! I love to run in the heat, but the chill of the north wind penetrating thru the head-bone sometimes causes one to waver in commitment. Kinda like life! When the going gets tough the weak say enough!? No, that's not how it goes! The tough get going! Of course that's somewhat facetious, but very true! I've seen quiting first hand! As a kid on the playground, to life as an "adult" in my 28 years as employee/manager to life as a Pastor, I've come to see that quitting is epidemic! Contagious! I am against quitting! Yet to stay tough one must often go "it" alone. Break from the pack. Test the front. Press the issue. Take on the unknown. All by yourself. Few are willing. I love the runners mentality. We even beat the Postman- I've run in weather when the mail didn't get through! Of course the wife thinks I'm nuts! Yesterday 4.5 miles, first war…
Not too busy to post,though. This week is one of those weeks where any down time to be had is going to be at a premium. My schedule is packed full until Friday.
Running this week will require discipline and diligence. I will have to fit it in at times I normally don't like to train, and under circumstances that are not of my choosing. Yes, it's all about me!
But the one thing I know...I am able to run!! This is a blessing so often overlooked. Yes I am able! I have this day! Being busy is not all means I am able, I am active, I am productive.
I believe the best days are ahead. I am still working on my training schedule. I have chosen a goal time for the half marathon in March: a 1:50.00. That would be 8:23's.
I am currently thinking and trying to create a plan that will enable me to achieve this goal and maintain the balance. Well I must hit it now or be stressed!
The Minority
Interesting factoid: no county in any of the fifty states has more people in church on Sunday than out of church. Truth: Church is losing relevance! Why? If I could answer that one I'd be the most successful church planter since the Apostle Paul. Some things I know: Young people can smell a rat, easy!-meaning? They want people to be real and true and genuine.
Hypocrisy is the killer!! People who say but don't do.
Affluence can cause absence, yet why is China the fastest growing Christian nation plus growing in affluence? Americans have become self centered? Ask yourself this question- do I care about my neighbor? How will God become number one again? Basically it boils down to one factoid- the individual heart-Being a person who will take a stand for what God has done for them and what they know He can do for others.
All people want is to hear your story told without fear or shame. They want a story, too!
No run today! Rest,
First Bite
26 degreewind chill!! The north wind is alive and well. I warmed-up with one mile easy. I felt really good! Then I decided to run. I love this weather. This is the best alone time a runner has, hardly anyone else (except other runners)will brave the cold!
I ran as I felt but I wanted to time myself to see what pace I was running. I did 2 miles @ 8:37. I cooled with a slow jog for a mile-10:26.71. Finished with a good 4.5 miler.
This is significant to me. If I can recover right, eat right, drink right, train right, I can run a pretty fast half-marathon. I'm leaning towards a goal of 1:50. That would be 8:24's.
I will keep increasing next week and try to get 20 miles of running. Then the 17th I begin a training program. I am currently in the process of writing it and I will try to post as soon as I get it done. I am looking at racing several 5K's and one 10K for time. Then the half. Then recover, then I will shoot for a marathon P.R. in 2009. I may try two mara…
Yesterdays run was pretty good. It took a while to get loose. My heart wasn't ready to work?! I think it wanted to keep resting! The bod is basically recovered, and the hint of sciatica is still there, but I'm thinking it is on the mend.
So I decided to cover 3.2 in a very comfortable pace. I stretched and worked the core afterwards.
I noticed some dude going door to door in our neighborhood while out. He parked in front of my driveway!? (Not cool). I wonder what he was selling? I thought it really takes a great deal of nerve, courage, fortitude, or desperation to go door to door in this age.
Well I was out so he couldn't catch me today! I really enjoyed the last mile. I was able to disassociate and think about the sermon for this coming week. To think about my sons and how they are doing. You see, running is a time when I think. One of the greatest truths in life is that we are ultimately a product of our thoughts! Most people are stuck -"Did you ever …
We had real strong storms during the night. This has been a very wet year here in the Ozarks.
Nearly all the leaves are now down and it is raking time, plus deer season is close upon us.
My body feels real good. My muscles have pretty much recovered, but interestingly enough the sciatica is back just like it was prior to the race?!
Today I will try a short, easy run, with extensive stretching and core strengthening afterwards.
I have two target races; "The Polar Bear Run" in Feb, and the "Frisco Highline Half Marathon" in March. My training program starts Nov. 17th.
I had an opportunity to stand for the running world yesterday. I was acknowledged by a great leader in our community, in front of a large group of very fine men, as one who had recently completed a Marathon. Of course I didn't consider it a big deal, but they did.
As usual there were jokes about themselves not being able to run a marathon, but I was proud of the accomplishment.
They need to know…
The body is slowly recovering from the race. I walked briskly for 1.5 miles yesterday. I remember talking to a lady before the race started about running marathons. She had run 21 and that was within a years time frame?! I remember passing her at mile 11 as she was plodding along. Some folks have remarkable bodies! I, for one, require recovery. Soreness is dissipating, sciatica has resurfaced, hope springs eternal. I look forward to hitting the roads when my body says okay. I look forward to the alone time as the cold north winds attack me from every angle, I look forward to another opportunity to test myself, to press, to stretch, to train, and to race. Here's a quote that sums up the motivation, "No matter how old I get, the race remains one of life's most rewarding experiences. My times become slower and slower, but the experience of the race is unchanged; each race a drama, each race a challenge, each race stretching me in one way or another, and each race te…

Officially 4:36:40, 14th in age division out of 21. So really way below of what I had expected?
I wonder what the difference was in relation to my other marathons? I held back the first 5k and posted slower than I had planned. At 10K I was 1:03.00. Really slow? I kept trying to push the pace up little by little and could only get 9:40's? By 9miles I was 1:30.00 feeling pretty good so I tried to ramp it up again only to be stone walled? I guess it just wasn't my day.
At the split I had a 2:11 and I knew my chance of breaking 4hrs was over but I still believed in a negative split?!
Think again buddy! Interesting note, however, I began to pass people during nearly every mile. I actually logged my best miles from 15-17, I felt good but the muscles began cramping.
On to the next goal! I will devise a new training plan to increase speed, and muscle endurance. I will shoot for a 10, or 5k in the next 12 weeks or so.
I have been thinking, dangerous I know, that I will c…
Finished in 4:38 unofficial. The injury played no role in the race besides getting in my head. Of course I'm somewhat miffed at the extremely slow time, I thought the weather was perfect, but it turned humid and hot. I cramped up like the Jolly Green Giant trying to fit into a phone booth!
What did I learn?
1) You can run with a minor injury if it is not in a strategic running muscle group. Know your body!
2) Run at even pace! I noticed a lady during the race. She passed by me during the first 5K. She was short and small in stature, wearing an extra large untucked long sleeve shirt, it looked like a dress, and she had a short choppy gait. I figured she'd toast. At twenty miles I had caught back within sight. I was pushing here trying to go?? There she was, with the same form and gait. Eventually she pulled away. My cramps caused me to walk every few minutes.
Cool thing though, I passed people like crazy from the 15 mile mark on in. I was passed by only four people after this poin…
About 98 min. to gun time. I have done everything right with exception to the back injury. It seems to continue to heal in its strange way. Hip soreness is less but lower back more pronounced. The low throb is still with me. I may be a total idiot to try this race, but I've something to learn, I guess.
I felt great yesterday until it was necessitated that I move a large TV set, and entertainment center. I did it...but it surely took a toll on the ailing back.
I have a strategy to finish this race and the only way I will quit is if the pain becomes PAIN! I will look after my body, I already have another marathon in sight!
I get to talk to those who attend the worship service this morning,I've noticed road racing is a very good metaphor to the Christian life as it is to the non-Christian life. That's probably what I'll talk about "how we can apply our zeal for running into our zeal to know God."
Man, what an awesome morning! Moist, foggy, and warm. The "Bass Pro" 5K and 10K are going on now. Lots of running celebs in town, Bill Rodgers, Frank Shorter, Jeff Galloway, me, Ha ha!!
Well this has been one whale of a week! With this stupid, that's the only way to describe it, injury. Yet this morning I am feeling so much better. The intensity of the pain has diminished to nearly nothing. Only at times does it flare, and it isn't debilitating. The muscle soreness is gone. I really believe I can "go the distance". Reminds me of one of my favorite movies "Field of dreams." Remember the scene in the VW van? Kevin Costner and James Earl going on the amazing trip back to the field of dreams. Here's the song that causes me to remember my life as a teen with lots of dreams
Yesterday I planned on 3 miles ez, but wound up doing 4.1 miles with the last mile at an easy, acceptable pace. It was a 9:34 mile. I am planning on using the "Gallow…